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Tag Rugby
Posted: 18th November 2014
Today saw the coming together of ten Castle Point and Rochford School's for the Partnership Tag Rugby competition. Hosted at Castleview School, the sun shone on us as play got underway. A good level of playing was shown and great sportsmanship through out the competition. Two pool of five teams played off with the following results: Pool 1 1st Grovewood 2nd Rayleigh 3rd Winter Gardens A 4th Montgomerie 5th Wyburns Pool 2 1st Kents Hill 2nd Thundersley 3rd Glebe 4th Leigh Beck 5th Winter Gardens B Semi Finals Grove Wood V Thundersley - Grove Wood won 7 - 3 Kents Hill V Rayleigh - Kents Hill won 6 - 5 Finals 1st Grovewood (Won 6-1) 2nd Kents Hill 3rd Thundersley (Won 5-4) 4th Rayleigh A huge thank you to Castle View School for hosting and there Rugby Young Referee's that did a fantastic job. Well done Grove Wood that will go forward to represent Castle Point and Rochford SSP at the County Finals

Basketball Year 5&6 Competition
Posted: 12th November 2014
Eight schools took part in yesterdays Year 5&6 Basketball Competition held at Cornelius School. A fantastic display of ball skills and footwork was shown throughout the afternoon. All matches were expertly refereed by Mr Ellis from Cornelius. Two pool of four teams played off; Pool 1 1st Grove Wood 2nd Thundersley 3rd Northwick Park 4th Wyburns Pool 2 1st Plumberow 2nd William Read 3rd Winter Gardens 4th Westerings Grove Wood and Plumberow being the pool winners went through to play each other in the final. Both teams played with determination and skill. The final result was Grovewood 9 and Plumberow 2. Congratulations to Grove Wood who will represent Castle Point and Rochford SSP at the County Finals, on 16th January 2015.

Year 2 Indoor Athletics Festival
Posted: 14th October 2014
Twelve Schools across Castle Point and Rochford SSP competed at the Partnership Year 2 Indoor Athletics Festival on Tuesday 14th October 2014. Hosted at The Deanes School, the Athletes showed their skills in both track and field events. The Athletes were expertly guided through each station by the Young Apprentices and Young Leaders, that are based at the Deanes School. Points were awarded to the School teams for there placings in both Track and Field events. They were then combined together to get an overall winner. Field Results 1st Grovewood (12 points) 2nd Holt Farm Infant (11 points) 3rd Canvey Infant 1 (10 points) 4th Plumberow (9 points) 5th Winter Gardens (8 points) 6th Hadleigh Infants (7 points) 7th Great Wakering (6 points) 8th Westerings (5 points) 9th Leigh Beck Infant (4 points) 10th Northwick Park (3 points) 11th Canvey Infant 2 (2 points) 12th Waterman (1 point) Track Results 1st Winter Gardens (12 points) 2nd Grovewood (11 points) 3rd Canvey Infant 1 (10 points) 4th Plumberow (9 points) 5th Holt Farm Infant (8 points) 6th Westerings (7 points) 7th Watermans (6 points) 8th Northwick Park (5 points) 9th Leigh Beck Infant (4 points) 10th Hadleigh Infants (3 points) 11th Great Wakering (2 points) 12th Canvey Infant 2 (1 point) Congratulations to the Winning School - Grovewood! 1st Grovewood (23 points) 2nd Canvey Infant 1 (20 points) 2nd Winter Gardens (20 points) 4th Holt Farm Infant (19 points) 5th Plumberow (18 points) 6th Westerings (12 points) 7th Hadleigh Infants (11 points) 8th Great Wakering (8 points) 8th Leigh Beck Infants (8 points) 8th Northwick Park (8 points) 11th Watermans (7 points) 12th Canvey Infant 2 (3 points)

Football Tournament - Tuesday 7th October
Posted: 8th October 2014
Well done to all the teams that took part in the Boys and Girls Football Tournaments, Level 2 School Games Competition, on Tuesday 7th October. Hosted at The Sweyne Secondary School, we had a huge entry of 18 primary schools for the boys and 8 teams for the girls. We had some great matches which were expertly refereed by the Year 10 Officials from Sweyne School. Teams showed get skill and sportsmanship. Congratulations to Kents Hill who won both boys and girls competitions and will represent the Castle Point and Rochford Partnership at the Level 3 County School Games on the 11th November - Girls and the 25th November 2014 - Boys. Boys 1st Kents Hill 2nd Plumberow 3rd Leigh Beck 4th Montgomerie 'A' 5th Grove Wood 6th Rayleigh 7th Edward Francis / Westerings / Thundersley Girls 1st Kents Hill 2nd Grovewood 3rd Winter Gardens / Wyburns


KS1 Winter Mini Games
Date: Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Change 4 life Celebration Event
Date: Wednesday 3rd December 2014

KS2 Dodgeball
Date: Tuesday 9th December 2014


TOPs Gymnastics Course -CANCELLED
Date: Wednesday 3rd December 2014

SSP Conference
Date: Tuesday 16th December 2014

Inclusion in PE course
Date: Thursday 15th January 2015

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