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Competition: Year 3&4 Active Kids Festival

Scheduled For: Friday 6th November 2020

Competition Description: Release Date: October 2020
Deadline: There is no deadline to this event; it can be completed when suitable.

How to enter?
• Book onto the Festival here.
• In October all resources you need to run this competition will be sent to you.
• Complete the Festival at your school.

Purpose of Event: Inclusive virtual participation festival, to help engage inactive kids with fun activities.

Age Group
Years 3&4

• The video will show 6 circuits which can be completed as a class or in groups.
• There is no sharing of equipment; each circuit has been based upon the equipment most schools will have.
• Social distancing should be applied.

Team Information
The festival can be taught in one session or over a staggered period of time.

Events – Each station should take approximately 10-12 minutes

Station 1 - Aerobics
• Follow the routine included

Station 2 - Athletics
• Hurdles
• Shuttle runs
• Speed bounce
• Standing long jump
• Ladder drills

Station 3 – Yoga
• Follow the routine included

Station 4 – Fitness Circuit
• Jumping Jacks
• Squats
• Burpees
• Standing abdominal crunches
• Wall press-ups

Station 5 – Ball Skills
• Toe taps
• Dribbling skills
• Ups
• Pat downs
• Alternating racket face – Ups

Station 6 – Skipping
• Jumping whilst rotating the rope
• Two footed skips – forwards & backwards
• Boxer skip

Note: To book on this competition you will need to have a Booking Access Code. You can get this from your PDM or by contacting the Partnership Office.

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